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Organic Raw Cashew Nut Butter 200g

Organic Raw Cashew Nut Butter 200g

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This deliciously creamy spread is made from fresh, perfectly ripe, raw organic cashew nuts. Ethically sourced, 100% pure and traditionally stone-ground at low temperatures to protect all of its raw nutritional goodness – our organic cashew nut butter is the best it could be.

Cashew nut butter has been taking the culinary world by storm, and it's not hard to see why. With its creamy texture, rich flavor, and numerous health benefits, this nut butter has become a favorite in kitchens and pantries around the globe.

What is Cashew Nut Butter?

Cashew nut butter is a spread made by grinding roasted or raw cashew nuts into a smooth, creamy consistency. The process is similar to making other nut butters like peanut butter or almond butter, but the result is uniquely delicious.

Nutritional Benefits:

Cashew nut butter is not just a tasty treat; it's packed with essential nutrients that can positively impact your health:

  1. Heart-Healthy Fats: Cashews are rich in unsaturated fats, particularly monounsaturated fats, which can help lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  2. Protein Powerhouse: Cashew nut butter is an excellent source of plant-based protein, making it a fantastic addition to vegetarian and vegan diets.

  3. Micronutrients: Cashews are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, copper, and phosphorus, which are crucial for various bodily functions.

  4. Antioxidants: These nuts contain antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E, which help protect your cells from oxidative damage and inflammation.

  5. Healthy Fiber: Cashew nut butter provides dietary fiber that aids in digestion and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Versatility in the Kitchen:

One of the standout features of cashew nut butter is its versatility. Here are some ways you can enjoy this delicious spread:

  1. Spread on Toast: Substitute your usual butter or jam with cashew nut butter for a nutritious and flavorful breakfast.

  2. Smoothies: Add a dollop of cashew nut butter to your morning smoothie for a creamier texture and a boost of protein.

  3. Dipping Sauce: Blend cashew nut butter with soy sauce, lime juice, and honey for a delightful dipping sauce for spring rolls or vegetables.

  4. Baking: Cashew nut butter can be used in baking to make cookies, brownies, or energy bars. It imparts a rich, nutty flavor to your baked goods.

  5. Savory Dishes: Incorporate it into savory dishes like stir-fries or as a sauce for noodles for a unique twist on traditional recipes.


100% Organic Cashew Nuts*

*From organic agriculture. Oil may separate naturally from butter, stir before eating. Use within 3 months after opening. Store cool and dry.

Allergy Advice:

May contain traces of other nuts and sesame seeds

Gluten, dairy and soy free.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.



ENERGY 2558kJ / 616Kcal

TOTAL FAT 48.2 g

of which saturates 9.5 g

monounsaturates 27.8g

polyunsaturates 8.8g

trans fats 0g


of which sugar 4.4 g

FIBRE 3.3 g


SALT 0 g


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