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Organic Raw Pistachio Butter 200g

Organic Raw Pistachio Butter 200g

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Treat yourself to this flavourful spread made from the finest pistachios. Ethically sourced and traditionally stone-ground, our toasted pistachio butter is traditionally milled and brings you the experience of a culinary delight that embodies quality and taste in every spoonful.

  • Milled to Perfection: Our meticulous milling process retains the full spectrum of nutrients and flavour from the pistachios, offering you a pure and wholesome butter.
  • Creamy Consistency: Delight in the smooth, creamy texture of our pistachio butter, ideal for spreading, blending, or drizzling over your favourite dishes.
  • Nutrient-Dense Goodness: Packed with essential nutrients, including heart-healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants, for a nourishing addition to your diet.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize sustainability in our sourcing practices, ensuring that every jar is crafted with care for the environment.
  • Organic Excellence: Made with organic ingredients, our pistachio butter is free from pesticides and chemicals, delivering a natural and authentic taste experience.


100% Organic Pistachios*

*Certified organic. Oil may separate naturally from butter, stir before eating. Use within 3 months after opening. Store cool and dry.

Allergy Advice:

May contain nut shell fragments and traces of other nuts and sesame seeds.

Gluten, dairy and soy free.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


  • Energy 2343kJ
    Energy    570Kcal
    Fat 42g
    of which saturates     6g
    Carbohydrate   27g
    of which sugar  6g
    Dietary Fibre  3g
    Protein  18g
    Salt  0g

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