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Sprinkle Taster Bundle

Sprinkle Taster Bundle

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Explore exciting flavors with our Sprinkle Taster Bundle! Dive into Hempesan Chee*y & Umami, Sesame & Seaweed Furikake, and Organic Hazelnut Dukkah sprinkles. Each adds a special taste to your food!

Hempesan Chee*y & Umami: It's cheesy and savory with a hint of earthy hemp. Sprinkle it on pizza, pasta, or salads for a burst of flavor!

Sesame & Seaweed Furikake: Enjoy a mix of toasty sesame and ocean-fresh seaweed. It's perfect on rice, noodles, or even popcorn for a tasty twist!

Organic Hazelnut Dukkah: It's nutty and aromatic, adding a crunchy texture to dips, soups, or roasted veggies. Try it on hummus or sprinkle it over grilled chicken!

Make your meals unforgettable with our Sprinkle Taster Bundle!

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