Kimchi Nomelette Scramble


• 3 tbsp Nomelette
• 3 tbsp plant-based milk (oat milk by Plenish)
• 1 grated carrot
• 2 tsp chia seed oil from Sun & Seed
• 1 tbsp Kimchi from Cultured Collective
• 1 tsp White almond butter
• Fresh chives for garnish


1. Combine Nomelette, plant-based milk, grated carrot, chia seed oil, and Kimchi for a smooth batter.
2. Heat chia seed oil in a non-stick pan.
3. Pour Nomelette mixture into the pan; let it set for a minute.
4. Scramble gently until fully cooked.
5. Plate, drizzle almond butter, and garnish with fresh chives.
6. Serve immediately and savor the unique flavors!

Adjust quantities to your taste for a delightful, nutritious breakfast or brunch. 🌞 Enjoy the goodness! 💚



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